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Wrap the fat

25 Mar

Oh Monday morning, you seem so far away on Friday afternoon, but come so quickly.

I am pounding water this morning and for the next 3 days because yesterday I went to a “wrap party.” Don’t worry- I didn’t know what it was until I agreed to going either. I think my boyfriend thought I was going to a party about either wrapping paper or rap music. Ha! Little does he know I was going to a party to be wrapped in plastic wrap.

My friend had gone to an It Works! party before and said she lost 3 inches from her waist. She thought of it as a jumpstart to the pre-summer weight maintenance. I was dubious, but I am also always willing to try something new (besides giving up eating Cheetos for breakfast). I had forgotten I had signed up for this party with her, but rallied and was waiting outside when she came to pick me up yesterday afternoon.

We got to her friend’s house and were greeted by several girls already wrapped up. The sound of crinkling plastic accompanied the chatter of the group of us and the yells of the multiple children running around the house. It was the first decent day of spring and the kids were wound up. They could play outside! They could make mud pies! I think the moms were just grateful they could send their kids outdoors for the first time in a long time without worrying about frostbite.

When my turn arrived, I went into the bathroom and awkwardly stood there while being measured. Luckily, the girl from It Works! was used to this and made me feel somewhat less uncomfortable while I lifted up my shirt and pulled my pants down to have my stomach and thighs done. She put the wraps on and then wrapped them in plastic wrap to hold them in place and keep the concoction on them from getting all over my clothes.


After a couple of hours (although 45 minutes is all that is necessary), the wraps were removed and we were remeasured. Some girls lost up to 5 inches! I only lost 1 inch, but I am told it could be because I drank too much water while waiting so was bloated. Apparently, I will continue losing inches for the next 72 hours provided I drink plenty of water. It makes me wonder if I am going to lose from the wraps or from getting up and down all day to run to the bathroom. Whatever works!

I have to say, this morning my stomach did look a bit more toned and less like my stomach. Time will tell. But if it does work, I am 100% doing a wrap party of my own before my trip to St. John in June!

And don’t worry, I am giving up the Cheetos for now.

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