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Samaritans with good intentions

9 May

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to find out that I volunteered at the local hospital when I was in high school beginning the summer of my freshman year. I rode my bike there, donned my pink and white striped apron and would sit in the lobby waiting to be summoned by someone needing a wheelchair. Sometimes I even got to carry a cooler of urine to the lab to be tested. It was a glamorous job for sure!

One part of volunteering was actually really enjoyable. I got to call the bingo numbers for the elderly folks in the Transitional Care Unit and believe it or not, I really liked it. It was definitely a silver lining and almost made up for having to carry around the results of other people’s bowel movements.

My best friend also volunteered at the hospital and one day we decided we were going to do something special for our feeble friends.

We rode our bikes to the general store down the street and bought sugar-free penny candy (I’m sure we ordered some milkshakes while we were there- I always got chocolate).

Then we headed down to the back of my neighborhood where there were still empty lots and picked weeds wildflowers.

At my house, we handwrote notes and put them into plastic sandwich baggies with the candy and wildflowers. Once our well wishes were complete, we headed to the hospital where we donned our aprons and went from room to room in the unit distributing good cheer.

What sweet girls we were!

Quite proud of ourselves we headed to her house where we probably had more milkshakes and debriefed. Her dad, the doctor, overheard and applauded us for our efforts but told us not to do it again. Apparently, most of the people aren’t allowed even sugar-free candy and could potentially have had bad reactions to both the candy and the nature we brought into their rooms.

Whoops… at least we had good intentions!

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By the way, we know we were complete nerds, but we had fun and were doing a good deed. That’s all that matters, right?

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