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The case of the missing underwear

24 Apr

I live alone in a one bedroom apartment with a laundry room in the building’s hallway. My boyfriend has two roommates and his washing machine is right in his apartment. I have to stake a claim and pay quarters when its laundry day; he just throws his in and lets the machine do its thing. I still rarely do laundry at his place because I don’t want to impose on his roommates and its just easier to do it at my own.

However, one night I stayed over his place unexpectedly. I threw in my underwear with his laundry so that I would have a clean pair for work the next day. We went to bed and in the morning he grabbed the clothes out of the dryer. Well, he grabbed all the clothes except for my one pair of underwear that I knew had been put in the machine. Baffled, I searched all over the place and could not find them. I finally gave up and marked it up to the laundry monster.

A few days later I was back at his apartment and in the kitchen with his roommate’s girlfriend. I took her aside and asked her if she had happened to have found a pair of underwear.

“Thank god!” she said. “They were in our laundry and I had no idea where they came from.”

Apparently, they had switched over the laundry in the middle of the night and somehow my underwear had gotten mixed into their pile. Relieved she was the one to have found them and not her boyfriend or the other roommate, I stuffed them in my pocket and vowed to keep better track of my things. I tried not to think of the problems this laundry fiasco might have caused.

Moral of the story: Do your laundry at your own place.

My boyfriend’s thoughts on this scenario: If I ever find a pair of underwear in his room that are not mine, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Good luck with that one.

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