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Sunshine Award

29 Apr

The Sunshine Award

Creative Mysteries nominated me for the Sunshine Award. What an honor!

The rules for the Sunshine Award are as follows:

    1. Post the Sunshine Award logo. Done
    2. Accept the nomination and link back to the nominator. Done
    3. Answer the questions. I can do that… 
    4. Nominate ten other blogs and inform them of the nomination. New policy in place!

Questions and Answers:

  • My favorite color: Yellow
  • My favorite animal: I’m not a big animal person. I love pets of people I love- and even then I get a little anxious if they drool on me or try eating off my plate.
  • My favorite number: 1,278 (might as well be as I don’t really have a favorite)
  • My favorite non-alcoholic beverage: Diet Coke
  • My favorite alcoholic beverage: Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec or Vodka
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I’m still fairly new to Twitter 
  • My passions: Conveniently, I wrote about this last week- everything! I do love (in no particular order) the Florida Gators, reading, being in the sun and my family and friends.
  • Giving or receiving gifts: I love giving gifts! That’s why I love the Cara Box swap.
  • Favorite city: Boston- my home!
  • Favorite TV shows: I am a DVR addict- currently hooked on The Following, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Vampire Diaries, The Good Wife and lots of ABC Family/CW shows

My Nominations:

I struggled with this list, because there are so many blogs I follow and so many bloggers who have been helping me out! I am going to adopt the policy of Mama Bear Musings and let this be a free for all nomination. If you want it, take it! I need to spend some time coming up with my “must read” blogs to share with you all!

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