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Positively me

18 Apr

I reread yesterday’s post and felt like it was so negative. The day did improve and ended with a fun girls wine night- lots of laughing.

I often feel like I am positive about everyone else except myself. I believe it is a pretty common syndrome.

So today, I am going to remind myself of back when I was positive, naïve and a total dork.

One summer vacation, my next door neighbor and I took a babysitting course at the local hospital. I was about twelve years old, had big glasses and thin blonde hair. I looked like I needed a babysitter myself. We learned how to put diapers on babies, how to make an arts and crafts kit and of course, we learned the always important CPR. I had already watched neighborhood kids and my siblings here and there for short periods of time, so I was quite the expert already, obviously.

After becoming “babysitter certified”, we booted up the computer and printed out homemade business cards. We had to cut 8×11 copy paper and paste it onto poster board, but it did the job. We then spent the next few days circulating our cards around the neighborhoods. Trust me, we were go getters!

Believe it or not, the cards worked. We became the hottest babysitters in town. We were booked up and raked in the money that summer and for the next several years (although I hear nowadays babysitters make A LOT more money). Kids loved us and parents loved us.

We saved up our money and our first big purchase was a tent that we spent many summer nights camping out in (okay, so we probably only used it a couple times- short attention spans). That summer was one that I will never forget.

So, from now on I am going to try and revert back to that eager girl with the big glasses. I kind of liked her and she certainly was a success.

Do you remember your first big purchase with your own money?

Today was Day Sixteen (or Day P) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

And, of course, it was also Theme Thursday:

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