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10 Apr

When I moved back to Boston from Florida, I had to find an apartment quickly. Not only that, but I had to find one off season. Around here, most people move either June 1 or September 1. It is incredibly difficult to find apartments at other times during the year because the good ones go fast.

Enter my friend the real estate agent. She is a rock star at what she does and it was a huge favor to me that she looked for a place while I was out of state and helpless. When she found my apartment, I was extremely thankful and figured I’d move once the lease was up. It’s now been a year and a half and I am still here for a number of reasons.

  • Location- a couple blocks walk to the beach, restaurants, bars and other conveniences
  • Parking lot- huge bonus in a place where street parking is hard to find and you don’t know how to parallel park
  • Now a month to month lease- can leave if and when I decide to

It has its downsides (thin walls, smelly building hallway, small outdated kitchen… I could go on), but for the time being, I am staying. Moving is such a hassle that it is worth it to go without a dishwasher and washer/dryer for now. Unless of course any of you know of a real estate rental gem I should look into?

My tiny kitchen

My tiny kitchen

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