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Things you probably don’t care about

22 Mar

Most of the time my mind is flying in a million different directions. I overthink, I catastrophize (made that word up I believe) and I drive myself and others crazy by over analyzing everything. I’m sure you all have a friend like that. I just happen to be that friend for many.

So, today I thought I would take some of those random thoughts going through my head and put them down on paper. It might make me a bit saner before the weekend and it might give you something to drive yourself crazy think about yourself. Or these might just be random, useless things I am mulling about today and will have no impact on you whatsoever.

  • If anyone needs something, I am usually the first person to offer it up. This is why there are several people using both my Netflix and my Amazon Kindle accounts. This leads to some confusion. I went to put on an episode of “Crossing Jordan” (the latest series I am making my way through) and saw in the Recently Watched that someone had put on “Whores of Glory.” I don’t know who this could have been, but now I have a whole category suggesting movies like “Whores of Glory” that I might also want to watch. No judgement here, friend who put this on, but could you please at least let me know so I can disclaim to the other people using the account that it wasn’t me. Thanks!
  • My boyfriend and I are making our first big purchase together this weekend- a laptop for my apartment. He has an outdated one at his place and I only have my one from work. If I want to use a computer at home, I have to bring this thing home on the bus and remember to bring it back in the morning. There have been far too many times that I make it to the bus stop, on the bus or worse, all the way to work, and realize my laptop is still sitting on my couch. So a new one it is! Any suggestions on what kind we should get?
  • There is nothing more annoying to me in the morning (besides realizing I forgot my laptop) than being in line at Dunkin Donuts between construction workers buying coffee and donuts for their whole crew. I think it is great that they do this. I wish my coworkers made a big trip and got everyone’s breakfast every morning too. I just wish they didn’t make me late for work filling an entire box with 18 coffees made to order when all I want is a darn chocolate frosted donut.
  • I have to spend a good portion of my weekend writing self evaluations to push through to partners that I work with. I find it so incredibly difficult to write good things about myself and then expect people to expound upon them. I really just want to write “Kate came to work. She did her job. She was compensated. End of story.” Instead I have to write a whole melodrama about the year when I honestly don’t even remember what I did yesterday. Every year I start out trying to keep track of what I do in a document on my desktop, but that usually lasts a whole day before I give up. How do you feel about self evaluations?

That’s probably enough rambling for today. Maybe if I start working on my evaluations now, I will be able to watch some “Whores of Glory” this weekend.

One thing you might care about is that I’ve decided to link up with #backthatazzup Friday.

So here’s my first jam:

This Is How We Do It- Montell Jordan

Happy Friday!!

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