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Whatever’s clever

26 Apr


I am very passionate about whatever I am talking about at the moment.

  • What!! You have the new Kindle Paperwhite?! I must get it now. I log straight onto Amazon, look at the price in defeat and move it to my wish list.
  • We’re going to a hibachi restaurant for dinner?! I LOVE hibachi restaurants!! I devour my meal at the hibachi restaurant and then proceed to whine about how my clothes are going to smell like the food the rest of the day.
  • I just heard about another book club!! I’m joining it- you’ve got to join it with me!! I’m currently in three book clubs, but tearing through those books so don’t you worry.
  • Drinks after work? Duh, it’s finally nice outside!! Enter next day headache at work.
  • Moscow Mules?! I love those drinks! The cups are the best- I must have them! Again, immediately log on to Amazon to see they are $40/each. Don’t even bother adding to my wish list.
  • You love college basketball?! I LOVE college basketball!!!  Boyfriend gets tickets to games for every possible occasion likely including Arbor Day. Gift for you, gift for me.
  • Newbie bloggers like me can join link ups and blog hops!?!?  Join everything and follow everyone until I realize I need to scale back and focus on what I actually like.
  • You want to do a girl’s trip next month?! Count me in!! I attend the trip and then stress about money the entire time cursing my lack of willpower.

When I was new in my last role, I had lunch at my desk one day feeling lonely and wishing I had insta-friends in the office. My wish came true because a few minutes after I threw my trash away, someone came over and invited me to lunch. Of course I said yes! And I devoured my second lunch with the energy of someone who has made a new friend. Sometimes it is okay to say yes. even when it doesn’t make sense.

However, lately, I have been trying to rein it in a bit and have been making myself say no more often. It sure isn’t easy! Obviously, I am a very enthusiastic person. I am a joiner and hate saying no. I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything fun. Maybe that is what growing up means.

Is anyone else a passionate yes person to “whatever”?

I’m also passionate about all my Liebsters. Thanks to Bradley at Pass the Sour Cream for my latest.  Make sure you check his great blog out! He managed to take the A-Z Challenge and actually make me think when I read his posts.

Also check out my other Liebster Award mentions (see 1-2 here , 3-6 here, 7 here and 8-9 here). I just need to get passionate about responding to them.

Today was Day Twenty Three (or Day W) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

I am also linking up with the ladies for Finish the Sentence Friday:

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