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My mom is better than your mom

12 May

Mom- Bermuda

I knew I wanted to go to college in Florida, but besides craving sunshine, I didn’t have an idea of where in the state to go. My mom decided a road trip was in order. We flew down to Orlando, rented a convertible and drove around the state for a week looking at different schools. I am sure we had tense moments (I was a teenager after all), but all I remember was spending that special week together.

Once I landed at a school, my mom visited more than other students whose parents lived a three-hour drive away. She lived a three-hour flight from me. Everyone loved her visits.

The other day I received some very sad news while I was away in Charleston. The first thing I did was call my mom. I know, I know. I am 30 years old, was out of town with my boyfriend AND it was fairly late on a Saturday night. But, I needed my mom. I don’t think I’ll ever stop needing her. Sorry, Mom!

My mom is my foundation.

My mom has let be who I am. As frustrating as that might be for her sometimes, she supports my decisions and only rings in if she truly thinks I need to reconsider. She is the voice of reason.

She has supported me through heartache and heartbreak. She has packed up the dishes in my kitchen to help me move more times than I’m sure she wants to remember. She unpacks them, too.

I went through a phase where I did not want to be called Kate. I was Katie. When my mom called me Kate one day, I started calling her Mo. It stuck.

When my mom puts her cool hand on my forehead, everything feels better.

On my birthday every year, I could pick whatever I wanted for dinner. I always asked for roast beef, mashed potatoes and carrots. Every single year. And she did it.

She also makes the best spaghetti sauce.

I always swore that when I could, I would find her a house on the water. She found her own this past year.

I’m pretty sure my mom is the best out there. I might be biased though.

I intended this to be a stream of thoughts to help me decide what memory to share of my mom, but I honestly can’t pick just one. Happy Mother’s Day!


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