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Questions- ask away!

19 Apr

When I was in college, my favorite drinking game was Kings. Some people call it Circle of Death; some call it King’s Cup. I am sure there are other names, but for the sake of this post and because this is my blog, we are going to call it Kings.

Any ways, you play by arranging a deck of cards in a circle around a cup facedown. Each person draws a card and each card corresponds to a rule. Drawing a King requires you to pour some of what you are drinking into the middle cup and the person who draws the fourth King has to drink what is in the cup. The other rules range from having to drink in waterfall order to busting a rhyme. However, one of my favorite rules is Question. The person who draws this card has to ask any person at the table a question. They have to respond with another question- related or otherwise- to someone else at the table and so on and so forth until someone is stumped or is laughing so hard they can’t answer.

I always won at this rule (if winning means coming up with the most absurd question to stump my friends).

We played so often that the apartment which was our main meeting spot had a standard set of rules I’d made hung on the fridge. People soon became sick of playing Kings. Or maybe they just stopped wanting to play when I was around because I always “won”! Occasionally I manage to get an unsuspecting group of friends to play with me now, but the victims players are catching on.

I know it’s not because people just want to avoid me altogether, because I’m obviously popular. I say this because I was just nominated for my 7th Liebster (See 1-2 here and 3-6 here)! This is crazy! I’m beginning to think I am doing something right. Everyone check out Two Bored Housewives. Thanks ladies!


Side Note: I thought it would be fun if you all asked me questions which I can respond to for my R post. Get it? Questions for Q and Responses for R? Ahhh… this is going to make my life so easy if people actually participate. If nobody asks a question I will be forced to come up with another idea and now that we are more than halfway through the A-Z Challenge I am running low on those.

PS: That wasn’t really a side note. It was actually a plea for help. I told you I was officially out of my mind.  Help me! Ask questions!

Ask away- Happy Friday!!

Today was Day Seventeen (or Day Q) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

Hoping you’ll follow me on Bloglovin or Twitter! New victims friends make me happy!

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