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Touring over at Pearls & Curls

10 May

While Sara from Pearls & Curls is out of town for her little brother’s birthday, she has generously allowed this newbie blogger to guest post for the day. I shared the story of my little brother’s most memorable birthday celebration. Go check it out!

My brother and I- before his shenanigans began

My brother and I- before his shenanigans began

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Guest Post: Meet LB in Wonderland

3 May

I am in Charleston for a wedding this weekend and while I can’t wait to come back and tell y’all about it, one of my favorites has kindly offered to entertain you today!

LB from LB in Wonderland is a fellow Bostonian, a cool chick and hopefully will soon be one of my first blogging dates. What’s better than that?! 

Hi Everyone!

I am super excited to be over here at Another Clean Slate today while Kate heads off to a fabulous wedding! 🙂

My name is LB and I blog over at LB in Wonderland. I blog about being a new city gal in Boston, loving the small things in life, my adventures with life and boyfriend Mike and a whole lot of other fun stuff thrown in. I would love to have you stop by! 🙂

Today I thought I’d share a couple things about myself..

1. I will never ever be a fashion blogger because most of my pictures turn out like this…

I’m awkward, right?
2. Goldfish crackers and chocolate are my jam. I seriously could eat bushels of both a day.
3. I lived in Ireland for six months and desperately wanted to have a pet sheep…this is the closet I ever got. Epic Fail.
4. I’m new to blogland and am absolutely loving it so far. 

5. My dream is to live by the ocean. It is seriously my favorite thing ever.

There you go! A snippet into the life of LB 🙂

Stop by LB in Wonderland & introduce yourself so we can be blogger friends! 🙂

Thanks so much to Kate!!

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