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8 Apr

Back to reality today. My friend from Florida headed home on an early flight and I am headed back to my cubicle and wishing I had one more day to recover!

My best friend and boyfriend gave me an incredible 30th birthday party Saturday night.They really outdid themselves. It was in a boutique hotel in Boston and decorated with balloons, beautiful orchids and of course some “30 Sucks” decorations. They even had specialty drinks named for me!

I was completely overwhelmed having over 40 of the people I love most from all the different parts and phases of my life  in the same room.

An unbelievable sense of gratitude is what I am feeling today! I have no idea what I did right in prior lives to deserve such special people in my life right now, but I will take it!



Today was Day Seven (or Day G) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

I also linked up with THE Collective and YOLO Monday!

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