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Ashes to Ashes

21 Mar

I must be losing my mind. Or maybe the blog gods decided my post this morning just wasn’t up to par and hid it away in the place where bad blog posts are hidden. Regardless, I swear I wrote and posted this morning, but it has now disappeared. Help me! I’m new to this!

It could have been a stroke of good luck though for this newbie because earlier today I was given the green light by Something Clever 2.0 to join her band of Theme Thursday participants. I was going to start next week, but because I am mourning the loss of my other post, it only makes sense that I get started right away with this week’s Funeral theme.

So here goes nothing…

Theme Thursday: Funerals

I haven’t attended a lot of funerals. I am thankful for that. I’ve attended those of three grandparents, an ex’s grandmother and my best friend’s great aunt. These funerals usually do end up being what people say they want their funerals to be- a celebration of their lives. All the children and grandchildren run around and family members who have not seen one another for a while get to catch up beyond just the annual holiday card. We can all hope that our funerals happen when we have lived a full life and our families are truly able to celebrate the memories we all shared.

Right before I left for college, I attended the wake and funeral of a friend I had made that summer. We had waited tables together and as usually happens in summer restaurant work, become quite close. The summer was full of laughs, both at work and at the beach. My friend’s life was taken away from him due to a tragedy. He was only 20 years old and had a full life ahead of him. He was loved by many and the people who came to his wake stretched outside the doors and overflowed into a maze of a line around the parking lot and into the street. This was the one and only wake and funeral I had attended that never truly became a celebration, but remained a tragic reminder of a life taken away too soon.

Since that day, I have tried to live my life so that whenever I may pass people will credit me with being the kind of person they were happy to have known. If it happens by tragedy or when I am a great-great-great grandparent (because we may live that long by the time I actually have kids), I want my funeral to be one that people come to and celebrate our memories.

Do you think about how you want your funeral to be? It sounds morbid I know, but it has definitely crossed my mind even before today’s theme was broached.

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