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Veering off track

25 Apr

I am loyal to a fault. You are in or you are out with me. However, as steadfast as my feelings are, I still manage to jump around when it comes to my life. I’m not afraid of commitment, but I tend to seek change. I veer off track with the slightest provocation.

I wish I could stay more focused. I started out at a small private college transferred to a larger commuter population university and then finally ended up graduating from the University of Florida. I was an education major turned communications major turned mass communication major and finally graduated with a degree in journalism. I did do all this in four years, but it was a haphazard four years to say the least.

I was raised in Massachusetts, went to school in Florida, moved back to Massachusetts after graduation, back to Florida with work and am now back in Massachusetts. My life might be one long game of ping pong.

I’ve had relationship failures, personal traumas and frankly, just plain bad luck. It hasn’t been the easiest getting to where I am now and I’m still dealing with the ramifications from my slips.

Sometimes I think if I could do it over, I’d have gone straight to the University of Florida and graduated from there with a degree in Business (threw that one out of left field, huh?). I would have moved straight to Boston, gotten a great job and skipped all the mistakes. But then I think about all the people I met and lessons I learned along the way- and I wouldn’t erase any hurdle in my life if it meant missing out on the people I count among my friends now.

Veering off track or merely hitting some speed bumps?

Would you take a do-over if you could?

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