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The wheels on the bus… come off?!

20 Mar

This morning as I lay in bed hitting the snooze button, I listened to the people outside my apartment scraping their windshields in the parking lot and thanked the commute gods that I didn’t have to deal with that kind of manual labor. Later, as I navigated the icy sidewalks on the way to the bus, I cursed those same gods. I am sure anyone driving by thought I was practicing some new Youtube dance craze called the Slip and Steady.

There are ups and downs to every commute. I’ve driven to work, walked to work, taken the train to work and now brave the bus…to work. No matter how you get there, unless you are blessed with some dream career, you are still going to “work” and you are still in some way going to be cursing the commute gods.

When I was able to walk everywhere, public transportation, especially the bus, totally intimidated me. I would sometimes stay home rather than brave the unknown of which stop to get off and where to go if I managed to notify the bus driver at the right time. After moving to a neighborhood which requires the bus, I now consider myself a champ. I can do it, but it doesn’t mean I like it. There are times I appreciate not having to be an active participant in the trek downtown; it is certainly nice to zone out or read instead of having to pay attention, but then some lady brings McDonald’s on the bus, sits down next to me and proceeds to chow down with the smell and crumbs getting everywhere and I am reminded why sometimes the solace of your own car is a good thing. Then I can have my own McDonald’s in peace (I would never bring it on the bus- people judge you).

Then there is the whole safety aspect. How come its a given that people wear their seatbelts in a car, but on my bus, there are commuters crammed in like sardines swaying back and forth as they stand and clutch to whatever they can grab. A couple of weeks ago, I was one of those people standing and was on my way to meet my boyfriend for dinner. I dealt with the stop and go and braced my feet on the floor to keep from tumbling into the people around me. All of a sudden, there was a big thump and after everyone stabilized themselves, we looked around to see what had happened. I assumed the bus had gotten a flat. The bus driver asked us all to get off and as we filed out, I looked back at the street and saw a tire in the middle of the road. The bus had actually lost a wheel. Luckily we were close to the restaurant I was going to, so I didn’t have to wait for and brave another bus that day. That is if one stopped. There is nothing worse than waiting outside in the cold and having buses already full of people zoom by you as the passengers guiltily (I would think) avoid eye contact through the windows.

I guess the point of this whole rambling post is that I should win the lottery so that I don’t have to work and therefore don’t have to commute at all.

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