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So what… I’m still a rockstar

22 Apr

So what… I’m still a rock star. Remember that Pink song? It goes on to say “…my husband left me, but I’m gonna be alright.” Guess what? My husband left me and I turned out alright- better than alright even. Okay, so he didn’t exactly leave me. And I am not exactly a rock star. But, you get the picture.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to spill the beans on myself about my divorce. For one thing, it happened years ago. I like to pretend it never happened and frankly, often my friends and I actually do forget. BUT it was an event in my life that had a huge impact on who I am today. I am in a much better, happier place than I ever would have been had that marriage stuck. Honestly, when he proposed I thought he was breaking up with me. Who does that?!

We didn’t date long enough, we were too young, we were too different- all those clichés are true. But what it comes down to is that we just weren’t right for one another.

When I met my current boyfriend (my first real relationship since the big D) I was kind of embarrassed to tell him about my past. He was younger and I had all this baggage, but while it isn’t the ideal situation, he accepts me for who I am. I am thankful for that. I mean, he thought I was kidding at first, but he was understanding.

I’m writing this mostly because I want other ladies out there to know that it is okay to go through something like this. I was ashamed. I didn’t want anyone new that I met to find out. But eventually I realized, it is NOT the end of the world, and you know what, most of the time you come out on top. I know I did. It takes other strong relationships with your family and your friends and a whole lot of strength, but I promise this too shall pass.

So all you unhappy ladies, leave your marriages. Only kidding. Most of you out there will work out your differences and do what it takes to get through any issues that come your way (actually, I’m hoping most of you are completely thrilled in your situations).  I’m not saying it’s the right decision for everyone, but it was the right decision for me. And if my life is cake right now because I moved on, then my boyfriend is the icing. And everyone deserves to find their icing.


So what makes you still a rock star?

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