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Numbers nonsense

16 Apr

I have a confession. I’m a cougar. Well, not a cougar really. Maybe a puma? No, not really a puma.

I don’t know why I am having this conflicted conversation with myself.

I am dating a younger man. Yes, much younger. Much younger to me any ways.

The night we met, he thought I was 24 (I was 29) and I thought he was 28 (he was 25). We figured it out eventually, but both of us definitely had skewed initial ideas about the other’s age.

He is pretty darn awesome. I’m not going to pass up a great guy like this just because of a little thing like a number. Plus, he is very handsome. I’m older, but still shallow.

When he turned 26 in October, it was nice being able to say that we were only 3 years apart, but then last week, I turned 30, an age I had never dreaded until the day he said, “Hey, after next week we’ll never both be in our 20s again.” Great. He’ll still be in his 20s for almost four more years. I feel so old!

The boy has stepped it up, I’ll give him that. Seeing as how he has never dated anyone before over the age of 23, I am ancient. This is both a plus and a minus for him. On one hand, I am pretty clear about what I want and need. On the other hand, I am pretty clear about what I want and need. Plus doing something as minor as cooking him dinner was a big deal at first (what kind of girls was he dating?!).

We started dating at the beginning of last summer- a time I can usually “hang” a lot better than in the winter months. In the winter, I like to be cozy on the couch and be home before its impossible to find a taxi in the cold- you know, I’ve got some years on me. He soon found this out. Luckily, he is okay with making some lifestyle concessions for me. Hey, we all have to grow up someday, right? Age is just a number, anyways.

How do you feel about dating out of your immediate age group?

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How we met

15 Mar

I’m a difficult person. My friends know. My family knows. And my boyfriend knew it from the moment we met.

It was just a random Thursday night at the beginning of summer. My friend had asked me to meet her for a drink- “just one.” So I threw on a pair of jeans, kept my pajama top on and slipped my feet into some flip flops before walking a couple blocks over to the bar to meet her.

When I arrived she was already talking to a couple of guys who she knew through a friend. I don’t know what it says about me that I still didn’t question the fact that I had gone straight from being sedentary on the couch to out in public without a stitch of makeup, but that is beside the point. I joined the conversation, accepted the beer and proceeded to amuse myself by watching one of the (very attractive) guys rage silently over the score of the basketball game playing on TV. His friend informed us that he had put money on the currently losing team and it didn’t take long before the unhappy guy resorted to shots- and buying rounds for all of us. He eventually gave up on the game, admitting to losing a significant bet and kept his pouting to a minimum while we all chatted.

Needless to say, I was surprised when during our goodbyes, he asked me if he could take me to dinner the following night. I admit to having a tendency to assume guys are always interested in my friends. This might be because usually it is the case, but in this situation, he apparently liked me! Of course, I said what any girl attracted to a guy would say, “Ask me tomorrow when you’re sober.” He looked at me with confusion, but I continued with “and ask me before 1pm. I have a life and can make other plans you know.” With that, I walked out the door.

The next day at 11am I received a text: “I was going to wait until 12:59 to text you, but I was worried I’d forget. Dinner tonight?”

And the rest is history… lucky guy 😉

What’s your favorite “how we met” story?

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