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Another piece of cake please

1 Apr


I was born on April Fool’s Day 30 years ago. This also happened to be the day after my grandfather’s birthday. So, when my mom went into labor, she was sitting at his celebration dinner just wrapping up the meal. Her mother, my grandmother, tried to convince her to stay for the cake.

I think this explains a lot about me. I love to be in the mix of things. I always stay for the cake… I’m never quite sure if what I have is enough. I always want “another.”

I went to 3 different colleges. I had 4 majors. I moved from Massachusetts to Florida to Massachusetts to Florida to Massachusetts (seriously). I just couldn’t figure out what was missing.

At age 30 I have finally figured out the secret to just being content. For one of few times in my life, I’m not looking for “another.” I am happy with what I have- amazing relationships with amazing people. That’s all that really matters when it comes down to it. Although, I’ll likely still strive for a bit more here and there… you can’t choose who you are at the core.  And let’s face it, I’ll also have another piece of cake.

Happy Birthday to me!

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