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I tomato you…

6 May

I am guilty of loving inside jokes. Luckily, my cousin married a woman who has become a great friend of mine and partner in crime when it comes to ridiculous inside jokes. We don’t even know how many of them started.

On our birthdays we, along with another cousin, send gifts that make no freaking sense to anyone else, but complete sense to each other. I sent her and my other cousin stuffed emus one year (it is amazing what you can find online). Did you know that the “turkey legs” at Busch Gardens are actually emus? No? Now you do!

This year, as you know, I turned 30. My cousin-in-law informed me that my gift did not arrive as scheduled due to New England’s iffy weather. I was intrigued. What could she have sent me that would be impacted by the weather? A live emu of my very own?

I soon found out!

A tomato plant. Yes, this apartment dwelling, non-tomato eater with a black thumb received a tomato plant. I love it.

You see, somehow we started saying “I tomato you” instead of “I love you.” I think its because we were saying we wanted to throw tomatoes at each other out of love and then it went somewhere else and somewhere else and finally became this inside joke. You don’t have to understand. We get it.

Luckily, my boyfriend has a green thumb. I went to dinner with friends and when I came home, he had repotted the plant and had it set up on my windowsill. He has been nurturing that baby and perked it right up! I get reminders to bring it inside, close the window or move it into the sun. He swears we’ll have homegrown tomatoes even I will love.


My windowsill garden

I tomato this kiddo!

I tomato you all! Do you have any funny inside jokes?

Kim from Being A Wordsmith is doing a Blog Every Day in May Challenge. Yesterday’s topic was about bloggers you love and Kim called me out! Funny because I love her blog, too!

In true me fashion, I signed up for another challenge for May. This one has no real rules- it is my kind of challenge. While I am not a huge cusser myself, I do support the reasoning behind the challenge. Plus, I don’t even have to do it every day! Check out the ABC’s of Swearing.

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If I became a parent today…

2 May

The prompt for this week’s Theme Thursday was “…non-traditional parenting choices. What do you do that’s “unusual”? Do you co-sleep? Do you let your eight-year-old cook dinner? Tell us all about it!”

This made me sad.

I have no children. I have nothing to contribute.

But then I thought, maybe these ladies think they can block me out of their sharing shenanigans, but they are SO WRONG. I will just share what would happen if I became a parent today.

  • If I became a parent today, it would probably make things awkward with my boyfriend. We’ve only been dating 10 months so it would have meant we got pregnant by immaculate conception. I don’t know if he’d be open to helping me raise our miracle baby so I might be searching for a barn to sleep in.
  • If I became a parent today, my  boss might not appreciate my shoving a pack and play into the corner next to my cubicle. Luckily, people are already burning popcorn and cooking fish in the microwave so a few stinky diapers here and there wouldn’t make things any worse for the wear.
  • If I became a parent today, I would finally get the people upstairs back for having loud sex by drowning them out with the sounds of a crying child.
  • If I became a parent today, it would mean I always got a seat on the bus and people would move to get out of my way.
  • If I became a parent today, it would be just in time to have the whole summer off for maternity leave. Perfect timing.
  • If I became a parent today, I bet my mom would stop considering a move to Florida (don’t leave me, Mom!!).
  • If I became a parent today, my trip to Charleston tomorrow would likely have to be cancelled, and that is NOT going to happen.

See y’all when I get back!!

I linked up for Theme Thursday:

Guess what?! I won Kate’s (from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine) Caption That last week! Woohoo! See what you can come up with for this week’s photo!

Plus, I was featured in The Life I Live’s first newsletter! Check it out and let me know what you think!

AND The Insomniac’s Dream, creator of the ABC’s of Swearing challenge nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks biatch!

Whew! I am leaving town on a high note…

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