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Zip my lips

30 Apr

First and foremost, you all MUST visit Helen at Scribble Girl to see the post she dedicated to me! I have never had someone don a chicken head or blue wig on my behalf before!! It will have you saying “Yikes!”

In other news, I’m zipping up my lips today and linking up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for Never Ever Ever will you EVER hear me say any of the following:

1. We should just leave that last roll in the basket. We don’t need the carbs.

2. A free ticket to Jason Aldean? Nah… give it to someone who truly deserves it.

3. I’m just going to finish this page of the book and then I’ll go to bed.

4. I’d really rather you didn’t pay me for working today.

5. I LOVE the Seminoles!!

6. Flowers? You shouldn’t have wasted your money.

7. I’m really excited to clean the bathroom today.

8. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work on Saturdays every week?

9. I’m so sick of this sun. I wish it would snow for once!

10. I can’t wait to put on my bathing suit.

Today was Day Twenty Six (or Day Z), otherwise known as THE LAST DAY, of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

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Y’all come back now, ya hear!

29 Apr

Tomorrow is the last day of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. It is crazy to think that I might actually make it through this thing- and let’s face it, if I don’t figure out a post for tomorrow for the VERY LAST DAY then I am useless and shouldn’t be allowed to communicate any ways.

Some of you might be glad it is ending. You visit my blog because you like me and don’t particularly care for alphabetically themed posts although I did try to steer clear of making them too nursery bookish. My OWN MOTHER told me that my blog posts unrelated to the challenge are much better than the ones I wrote for the gosh darn thing. She is lucky I know she thinks I am her most talented child, otherwise my feelings might have been hurt.

Others might only have been coming to this blog because of the challenge. To you I say, please don’t go! I have a very fragile ego and would love for you to keep visiting my blog, because I sure hope to do the same.

However, it’s been a real treat getting involved in this whole blogging thing. It’s now been a week shy of two months that I’ve been sharing my life with the ENTIRE WORLD. The folks I’ve “met” through the challenge itself, blog hops and who the heck knows how, have made my days a million times better. It is so fun getting to know and letting you all into a little part of my life.

So this is a thank you for following me thus far and being patient with my learning curve both in the challenge and with blogging itself. Don’t expect me to improve much more anytime soon, though. I’m still new to this after all.


Today was Day Twenty Five (or Day Y) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

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Xenodocheionology… say what?!?!

27 Apr

Hotel in Monacco

Xenodocheionology means you love staying in hotels.

I suppose this means I am an  xenodocheionologist- I love staying in hotels. Well, I love traveling.

I’ve been traveling since before I could roll over. My first trip was to Bermuda, where my mom is from, when I was only a couple of months old. That was back when parents could just toss their babies in the overhead compartments while they smoked cigarettes and rang the flight attendants for booze. Now, it might not fly (pun intended- ha).

The couple of years I worked in Florida before moving back to Boston, I supported the state from a marketing and sales perspective for my company. This meant I traveled- a lot. I might have had pre-scheduled meetings to go to in Jacksonville, but then needed to hop a flight to Miami to work on a proposal that was due the following week. Luckily, every flight was only a short hour or so.

The security attendants in the Tampa airport actually began to recognize me and I always managed to park my car in approximately the same row in the parking garage, otherwise I would have constantly been losing it.

With all this traveling came lots of hotels. And I became a hotel snob. No free bottled water upon my arrival? Shame on you. No chocolate covered strawberries waiting next to the directory. You have got to be kidding me.

I scooped up all the free products and would bring them home. I accumulated a big shopping carrier bag full of shampoos and soaps from The W (oh Bliss products!), Four Seasons, Omni Hotels and so on. When I moved back to Boston, I dropped all these off at a local women’s shelter. I certainly hope they are enjoying the Bliss lotion- it’s my favorite!

All the hotels also came with some interesting experiences. I once was exhausted after a long day and grabbed my key from the turnstile for frequent guests in the hotel lobby. I sleepwalked up to my room and opened the door only to discover someone else was already in the room! Apparently, the hotel had double booked this particular room. It was nothing a quick switcheroo couldn’t fix, but it certainly woke me up. And it definitely made me grateful this person wasn’t in a compromising position.

Luckily, around this time of frequent travel I also had eight weddings to attend in one year- free flights and free hotel rooms helped my cause. Those are all gone now that I only have to run to the 7th floor to get a job done instead of across the state.

Now, staying in hotels is again a special treat instead of a way of life. I can’t say I miss the constant flights, but I do miss having someone make my bed for me every morning.

Today was Day Twenty Four (or Day X) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

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Whatever’s clever

26 Apr


I am very passionate about whatever I am talking about at the moment.

  • What!! You have the new Kindle Paperwhite?! I must get it now. I log straight onto Amazon, look at the price in defeat and move it to my wish list.
  • We’re going to a hibachi restaurant for dinner?! I LOVE hibachi restaurants!! I devour my meal at the hibachi restaurant and then proceed to whine about how my clothes are going to smell like the food the rest of the day.
  • I just heard about another book club!! I’m joining it- you’ve got to join it with me!! I’m currently in three book clubs, but tearing through those books so don’t you worry.
  • Drinks after work? Duh, it’s finally nice outside!! Enter next day headache at work.
  • Moscow Mules?! I love those drinks! The cups are the best- I must have them! Again, immediately log on to Amazon to see they are $40/each. Don’t even bother adding to my wish list.
  • You love college basketball?! I LOVE college basketball!!!  Boyfriend gets tickets to games for every possible occasion likely including Arbor Day. Gift for you, gift for me.
  • Newbie bloggers like me can join link ups and blog hops!?!?  Join everything and follow everyone until I realize I need to scale back and focus on what I actually like.
  • You want to do a girl’s trip next month?! Count me in!! I attend the trip and then stress about money the entire time cursing my lack of willpower.

When I was new in my last role, I had lunch at my desk one day feeling lonely and wishing I had insta-friends in the office. My wish came true because a few minutes after I threw my trash away, someone came over and invited me to lunch. Of course I said yes! And I devoured my second lunch with the energy of someone who has made a new friend. Sometimes it is okay to say yes. even when it doesn’t make sense.

However, lately, I have been trying to rein it in a bit and have been making myself say no more often. It sure isn’t easy! Obviously, I am a very enthusiastic person. I am a joiner and hate saying no. I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything fun. Maybe that is what growing up means.

Is anyone else a passionate yes person to “whatever”?

I’m also passionate about all my Liebsters. Thanks to Bradley at Pass the Sour Cream for my latest.  Make sure you check his great blog out! He managed to take the A-Z Challenge and actually make me think when I read his posts.

Also check out my other Liebster Award mentions (see 1-2 here , 3-6 here, 7 here and 8-9 here). I just need to get passionate about responding to them.

Today was Day Twenty Three (or Day W) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

I am also linking up with the ladies for Finish the Sentence Friday:

Finish the Sentence Friday
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Veering off track

25 Apr

I am loyal to a fault. You are in or you are out with me. However, as steadfast as my feelings are, I still manage to jump around when it comes to my life. I’m not afraid of commitment, but I tend to seek change. I veer off track with the slightest provocation.

I wish I could stay more focused. I started out at a small private college transferred to a larger commuter population university and then finally ended up graduating from the University of Florida. I was an education major turned communications major turned mass communication major and finally graduated with a degree in journalism. I did do all this in four years, but it was a haphazard four years to say the least.

I was raised in Massachusetts, went to school in Florida, moved back to Massachusetts after graduation, back to Florida with work and am now back in Massachusetts. My life might be one long game of ping pong.

I’ve had relationship failures, personal traumas and frankly, just plain bad luck. It hasn’t been the easiest getting to where I am now and I’m still dealing with the ramifications from my slips.

Sometimes I think if I could do it over, I’d have gone straight to the University of Florida and graduated from there with a degree in Business (threw that one out of left field, huh?). I would have moved straight to Boston, gotten a great job and skipped all the mistakes. But then I think about all the people I met and lessons I learned along the way- and I wouldn’t erase any hurdle in my life if it meant missing out on the people I count among my friends now.

Veering off track or merely hitting some speed bumps?

Would you take a do-over if you could?

Today was Day Twenty Two (or Day V) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

And, of course, it was also Theme Thursday:

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