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Meet my dad’s girlfriend

21 Apr

“You know, we could still cancel,” I said to my boyfriend.

“Katie, you know we can’t do that,” he replied. “You can talk to a brick wall. I’m sure you can sit through dinner with this woman.”

Easy for him to say. The last time I saw her was at the surprise 25th anniversary party I threw for my parents. She attended with her husband. That was five years ago.

“Alright, let’s go,” I skillfully sulked.

We walked to the restaurant and were told we could wait at the bar. I had wanted to arrive early to suck down a glass of wine before their arrival any ways. So I did just that.

Time ticked. We got our table and sat down. They texted they would be late. They had to bring her spawn somewhere on the way and it took longer than expected. More wine for me.

I began to relax. I could handle this. I loosened my grip on my boyfriend’s hand. He flexed his fingers in relief.

“Katie,” I heard over my shoulder.

“Hi Dad,” I said as I gave him half of a hug. “Hi Mary*.”

“Why did you pick this place?” she said. “I can’t hear myself think.”

“I think its great,” my dad said.

“It’s one of our favorites,” my boyfriend said. “We thought you’d like it.”

“Oh,” said Mary with a frown.

We all sat down.

We ordered appetizers and when they arrived Mary sent them back.

“Too cold,” she said.

My boyfriend squeezed my leg to acknowledge how nice I was being and likely to keep me staying that way.

We ordered our meals and when they arrived Mary sent hers back.

“Too salty,” she snapped. “Don’t bother bringing me anything else.”

My boyfriend paused awkwardly as he was bringing a bite of the same meal to his lips. He then shrugged and continued eating. It was fine with him.

I went to the bathroom and ran into the waitress on the way. We were regulars at this restaurant and she recognized us.

“I’m so sorry you are being treated this way. She doesn’t belong to me,” I said.

“I’m sorry you’re sitting with her,” she laughed.

Back at the table we wrapped things up. Mary suggested we do this again. We nodded dumbly in agreement.

We all stood up and walked them to their car. Mary leaned in for a hug and I stuck out my hand.

“Oh Katie, really?” she said rolling her eyes.

“I’m not much of a hugger,” I apologized as my dad rubbed my shoulder.

They got in the car and left and I looked at my boyfriend. “I did good, right?”

“Yah,” he laughed. “You did good.”

He grabbed my hand and we walked home making fun of her the entire way. Well, maybe I made fun of her the entire way while he listened. But it helped.

* Name was changed to protect the not so innocent.

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Reining in the responses

20 Apr

By the time you read this I will be on my way to NYC for my good friend’s bachelorette party. She is getting married in St. John the first weekend of June. I can’t wait to stand beside her on her big day! And I also can’t wait for some fun in the city tonight!

Thanks to everyone who asked me something yesterday. I honestly had no idea what I was going to write about for my R post if I only got crickets. I might have written about something serious like rabies (it’s not a joke, y’all) or maybe something fun like rock concerts. Luckily, you don’t have to find out. I picked one or two questions from each person. I’ll save the others for a rainy day 🙂

On with it…

Do you have the rest of your A to Z posts planned?
Do you think you’ll do this again next year?
I do not have the rest of my A to Z posts planned. I did have many for this week done ahead of time, which I completed during my hibernation day. I haven’t had that leisure so far to do it again for the rest. Whether or not I do it next year will depend on what is happening in my life. It was interesting to start the  A to Z Challenge so soon after starting blogging in general. I guess it forced me to jump in with both feet!


Eugene from Uttley’s Take:
Would you rather marry someone rich just for their money, or live in the streets with someone you truly love?
I wouldn’t marry someone rich just for their money and the person I love wouldn’t allow us to live on the streets. I learned from being with someone before who didn’t work hard, that the person I will be happy with does what they can to support themselves and their loved ones. I don’t care if he is bagging groceries or sweeping streets, as long as he is doing something to show he wants to support his family.


Dee from DeeCoded:
How did you get popular?
I definitely would not say I am popular. I am blessed to have amazing family and friends in my life. Since I started blogging I have felt lucky to connect with fellow bloggers- like you!! I was joking yesterday that I was obviously popular because of the Liebsters. I have a sarcastic sense of humor sometimes that apparently I need to work on coming across the right way in print 🙂


Bhavya from Just Another Blog:
Favorite quote?
Happiness is never stopping to think if you are. -Palmer Sondreal


JCC from Rogue Mission:
What is your favorite chemical?
My “favorite” chemical is whatever mixture is used to keep my hair looking like I have a lower IQ. Only kidding, I don’t have a favorite chemical but I do love that people were smart enough to find a way to keep me blonde.


Ghadeer from Spill beans:
What would you do differently if all your actions were anonymous?
This is a tough one! If all my actions were anonymous, I would definitely find a way to make money not an issue. I would then think it would be fun to take care of all my loved ones financial issues without them knowing who did it!


Shay from Trashy Blog:
What’s your biggest dream, the thing that you most want to accomplish (that you haven’t yet)?
I am not ready for children yet, but I definitely want to be a mom. This is one thing I really hope I am able to accomplish- bringing someone into the world and (hopefully) raising them to reach their potential. I also want to travel as much as possible.


Lori from The Next Step:
Where is the best/worst place you ever lived?  
I think the best place I ever lived was the house I spent my middle and high school years in. My parents built a Colonial with a farmer’s porch, big back deck and huge back yard. It had a room above the garage just for us to hang out in. It is definitely my dream house now. The worst place I ever lived was actually with my friend who just visited. She and I spent a while in this disgusting apartment. No matter how often we cleaned and bleached the place from top to bottom, there were always roaches climbing everywhere. Our neighbors were so gross that they came in from their place. It was brutal! And in Florida, so they came in droves. Yuck! Luckily, we can laugh about it now.


What’s your favorite meal? If you could have lunch with a famous person, who would it be?
My mom makes the best spaghetti. I would probably have Oprah come to her house for dinner and hope that she brought all of her favorite things to share with us!


Would you rather be rich or just well off?
I would rather be comfortable. I would like to be able to pay my bills, have a healthy savings and still be able to go out to whatever dinner I want, go on trips when I want and buy the things I want. Comfortable would be enough for me!


Which of your blog posts has received the most views? What advice would you give to a new blogger?
My post Wrap the Fat received the post page views. This is probably because Melissa, the girl who sells the product, shared the post on her Facebook page. The second most viewed was Justifying Hibernation. I am hoping that one is because so many people need their “me time” like I do! As far as advice to new bloggers, seeing as how I am only just over a month into blogging myself, I consider myself as new as you can get! I have been having fun, visiting other blogs and making this about becoming part of a community and enjoying my writing instead of worrying about page views and numbers. It has worked for me for now!


Mina from Mina Burrows:
What is your favorite thing to make for dinner?
I’m told I make a really good lasagna. I love cooking for other people. I live alone so unless someone is here, I tend to eat cereal for dinner though!


What is your favorite drink?
I am addicted to Diet Coke. I’ll order a Stella at most bars, Sauvignon Blanc when I want a white, Malbec when I need a red and Absolut and water with lemons when I am having a big night 🙂


Dana at Kiss My List:
Do you put the drinking glasses in your cabinets upright or upside down?
Definitely upside down!


Please check out all these amazing blogs. Thanks so much for helping me out, friends!
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Numbers nonsense

16 Apr

I have a confession. I’m a cougar. Well, not a cougar really. Maybe a puma? No, not really a puma.

I don’t know why I am having this conflicted conversation with myself.

I am dating a younger man. Yes, much younger. Much younger to me any ways.

The night we met, he thought I was 24 (I was 29) and I thought he was 28 (he was 25). We figured it out eventually, but both of us definitely had skewed initial ideas about the other’s age.

He is pretty darn awesome. I’m not going to pass up a great guy like this just because of a little thing like a number. Plus, he is very handsome. I’m older, but still shallow.

When he turned 26 in October, it was nice being able to say that we were only 3 years apart, but then last week, I turned 30, an age I had never dreaded until the day he said, “Hey, after next week we’ll never both be in our 20s again.” Great. He’ll still be in his 20s for almost four more years. I feel so old!

The boy has stepped it up, I’ll give him that. Seeing as how he has never dated anyone before over the age of 23, I am ancient. This is both a plus and a minus for him. On one hand, I am pretty clear about what I want and need. On the other hand, I am pretty clear about what I want and need. Plus doing something as minor as cooking him dinner was a big deal at first (what kind of girls was he dating?!).

We started dating at the beginning of last summer- a time I can usually “hang” a lot better than in the winter months. In the winter, I like to be cozy on the couch and be home before its impossible to find a taxi in the cold- you know, I’ve got some years on me. He soon found this out. Luckily, he is okay with making some lifestyle concessions for me. Hey, we all have to grow up someday, right? Age is just a number, anyways.

How do you feel about dating out of your immediate age group?

Today was Day Fourteen (or Day N) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

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Marathon Monday

15 Apr

Marathon Monday. It’s a holiday the rest of the country doesn’t celebrate. In fact, it’s a holiday the rest of the state doesn’t celebrate (they call it Patriot’s Day), but here in Boston we, or at least most of us, get the day off from work. This is the day the Boston Marathon comes to town and the city is literally overrun with people sporting blue jackets- and later tinfoil capes.

I’ve never run the Boston Marathon (which you probably already guessed if you read this post), but I know many people who have and to them I say thank you. Thank you for giving me a reason for a three-day weekend.

My dad is actually one of those people who has run the marathon. He did it first as a bandit runner. This means that he just jumped in at the starting line and hoped he wasn’t picked off by the marathon officials by the time he reached the end (he is a cop- they think they can get away with these things…and they usually do). The second time he ran he did it legitimately and raised money for his favorite charity. He finished both times. Yay Dad!

If you don’t run the marathon, but still want to participate in the festivities, there are a couple of options for you. Many people go to the Red Sox game that day. Fenway is only a short walk from the runners’ path and it is good timing to go to the day game and then watch the final runners finish. I’ve done this a couple of times. My boyfriend is going this year. His work gave him the day off, but then mandated everyone go to the game. Day off = forced coworker time. Go figure.

Last year was so hot that runners were able to defer their entries. I was hot walking from the train to my friend’s party across the park, so I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles in that heat. Overachievers.

I have not decided yet what I am going to do today. Depending on the weather, I might venture into the city with friends to watch people exert themselves while I drink a beer or two. Otherwise, I might just enjoy being in a part of the city that is calm and empty for once. Either way, I won’t be sitting at my cubicle. And for that, I thank marathon runners everywhere!

Happy Patriot’s Day Marathon Monday!

Today was Day Thirteen (or Day M) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

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Update: Everyone I know who was attending or running in the marathon is safe. Thoughts and prayers to those impacted by this sad event.

Thoughts spin round and round

14 Apr

I kicked the covers off and then pulled them on again. Rolling over, I sighed and flipped my pillow to the cooler side.

What am I going to do? I know she is going to find out. Why do I always have to be mean? Why am I so bad? I never do anything right.

The thoughts kept coming. I got up and looked out the window and was met with darkness. I could see only the blue light from my neighbor’s computer through their living room window. I closed the shade and went back to bed.

Covers on, covers off. Covers on.

When is she going to know? How long do I have? Maybe I should just tell her. Everybody is going to hate me. 

I pulled the covers back off and sat up, letting my feet dangle over the side of the bed for a moment before swinging them onto the floor.

As I maneuvered my way in the darkness over piles of clothes and books, I pulled the back of my T-shirt down to cover my backside. My bedroom door didn’t make a sound as it opened and I took a sharp right into the room right beside it, pushing open that door with a hesitant hand.

I crept alongside the bed in this room and snuck around to the side closest to the window. I touched her cheek.

“What is it, Katie?” she asked, almost as if she anticipated my visit.

“I colored on Sister’s doll and hid it underneath her bed,” I whispered.

“It’s okay,” she sighed. She stroked my hair. “We can talk about it in the morning.”

I hugged her quickly and with a burst of relief I scurried back around the bed, through her door and into my own bedroom, diving back under the covers, finally able to sleep.

I wish the story ended there, but my poor mother was awakened countless times with my late night confessions and even now my head is working all night.

Is he mad at me? What time do I have to be up in the morning? I can’t remember which meeting is first tomorrow. Did I call my mom back?

“Did you want to go out to dinner or stay in tomorrow night?” I ask.

“Katie, let your brain relax- it’s after midnight,” he responds half asleep.

“I didn’t realize I said that out loud,” I reply.

He lays his hand on my head like he can will the thoughts from spinning. It works. I cuddle deep into the covers, put my head on his shoulder and allow myself to sleep.

One more night down.


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