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Samaritans with good intentions

9 May

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to find out that I volunteered at the local hospital when I was in high school beginning the summer of my freshman year. I rode my bike there, donned my pink and white striped apron and would sit in the lobby waiting to be summoned by someone needing a wheelchair. Sometimes I even got to carry a cooler of urine to the lab to be tested. It was a glamorous job for sure!

One part of volunteering was actually really enjoyable. I got to call the bingo numbers for the elderly folks in the Transitional Care Unit and believe it or not, I really liked it. It was definitely a silver lining and almost made up for having to carry around the results of other people’s bowel movements.

My best friend also volunteered at the hospital and one day we decided we were going to do something special for our feeble friends.

We rode our bikes to the general store down the street and bought sugar-free penny candy (I’m sure we ordered some milkshakes while we were there- I always got chocolate).

Then we headed down to the back of my neighborhood where there were still empty lots and picked weeds wildflowers.

At my house, we handwrote notes and put them into plastic sandwich baggies with the candy and wildflowers. Once our well wishes were complete, we headed to the hospital where we donned our aprons and went from room to room in the unit distributing good cheer.

What sweet girls we were!

Quite proud of ourselves we headed to her house where we probably had more milkshakes and debriefed. Her dad, the doctor, overheard and applauded us for our efforts but told us not to do it again. Apparently, most of the people aren’t allowed even sugar-free candy and could potentially have had bad reactions to both the candy and the nature we brought into their rooms.

Whoops… at least we had good intentions!

I linked up for Theme Thursday and Throwback Thursday:

By the way, we know we were complete nerds, but we had fun and were doing a good deed. That’s all that matters, right?

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Sox on Saturday leads to a sleepy Sunday

28 Apr

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. She LOVES the Red Sox so we celebrated by going to a game. I admit I left early AND I am still tired today. I’m so ashamed of myself- my age is catching up to me. In my defense, I had much better luck getting a taxi home in the fifth inning than I would have after the ninth! I know, I know. It’s still pathetic.


Happy Birthday "little" sister!

Happy Birthday “little” sister!

Despite my exaggerated exhaustion, I’m linking up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social. This week their questions all revolve around childhood.

1. Did you sleepwalk as a child? Nope.

2. Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house? I once hid under our back deck, but I don’t think it lasted long enough for anyone to notice I was gone!

3. Did you have any imaginary friends? No, but I’d role play being a teacher all the time. I had a whole classroom set up in our basement.

4. Did you ever go toilet papering? Nope. I was a good kid!

5. Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren’t allowed to watch? I used to be jealous when my older cousin slept over and got to stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. I would sneak down and watch with him. I also used to stay up late reading when I should have been sleeping. I hid a flashlight under my pillow.


Apparently, I was a fairly boring child. Lucky for my parents! What were you like as a kid?

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Questions- ask away!

19 Apr

When I was in college, my favorite drinking game was Kings. Some people call it Circle of Death; some call it King’s Cup. I am sure there are other names, but for the sake of this post and because this is my blog, we are going to call it Kings.

Any ways, you play by arranging a deck of cards in a circle around a cup facedown. Each person draws a card and each card corresponds to a rule. Drawing a King requires you to pour some of what you are drinking into the middle cup and the person who draws the fourth King has to drink what is in the cup. The other rules range from having to drink in waterfall order to busting a rhyme. However, one of my favorite rules is Question. The person who draws this card has to ask any person at the table a question. They have to respond with another question- related or otherwise- to someone else at the table and so on and so forth until someone is stumped or is laughing so hard they can’t answer.

I always won at this rule (if winning means coming up with the most absurd question to stump my friends).

We played so often that the apartment which was our main meeting spot had a standard set of rules I’d made hung on the fridge. People soon became sick of playing Kings. Or maybe they just stopped wanting to play when I was around because I always “won”! Occasionally I manage to get an unsuspecting group of friends to play with me now, but the victims players are catching on.

I know it’s not because people just want to avoid me altogether, because I’m obviously popular. I say this because I was just nominated for my 7th Liebster (See 1-2 here and 3-6 here)! This is crazy! I’m beginning to think I am doing something right. Everyone check out Two Bored Housewives. Thanks ladies!


Side Note: I thought it would be fun if you all asked me questions which I can respond to for my R post. Get it? Questions for Q and Responses for R? Ahhh… this is going to make my life so easy if people actually participate. If nobody asks a question I will be forced to come up with another idea and now that we are more than halfway through the A-Z Challenge I am running low on those.

PS: That wasn’t really a side note. It was actually a plea for help. I told you I was officially out of my mind.  Help me! Ask questions!

Ask away- Happy Friday!!

Today was Day Seventeen (or Day Q) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

Hoping you’ll follow me on Bloglovin or Twitter! New victims friends make me happy!

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Positively me

18 Apr

I reread yesterday’s post and felt like it was so negative. The day did improve and ended with a fun girls wine night- lots of laughing.

I often feel like I am positive about everyone else except myself. I believe it is a pretty common syndrome.

So today, I am going to remind myself of back when I was positive, naïve and a total dork.

One summer vacation, my next door neighbor and I took a babysitting course at the local hospital. I was about twelve years old, had big glasses and thin blonde hair. I looked like I needed a babysitter myself. We learned how to put diapers on babies, how to make an arts and crafts kit and of course, we learned the always important CPR. I had already watched neighborhood kids and my siblings here and there for short periods of time, so I was quite the expert already, obviously.

After becoming “babysitter certified”, we booted up the computer and printed out homemade business cards. We had to cut 8×11 copy paper and paste it onto poster board, but it did the job. We then spent the next few days circulating our cards around the neighborhoods. Trust me, we were go getters!

Believe it or not, the cards worked. We became the hottest babysitters in town. We were booked up and raked in the money that summer and for the next several years (although I hear nowadays babysitters make A LOT more money). Kids loved us and parents loved us.

We saved up our money and our first big purchase was a tent that we spent many summer nights camping out in (okay, so we probably only used it a couple times- short attention spans). That summer was one that I will never forget.

So, from now on I am going to try and revert back to that eager girl with the big glasses. I kind of liked her and she certainly was a success.

Do you remember your first big purchase with your own money?

Today was Day Sixteen (or Day P) of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

And, of course, it was also Theme Thursday:

I promise I have been responding to all your comments, but I’ve recently received advice from several sources that I should do it via E-mail instead of the posts themselves because you may not have been receiving them. Going to try it this way until further notice.  Also, as usual hoping you’ll follow me on Bloglovin or Twitter!

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Thoughts spin round and round

14 Apr

I kicked the covers off and then pulled them on again. Rolling over, I sighed and flipped my pillow to the cooler side.

What am I going to do? I know she is going to find out. Why do I always have to be mean? Why am I so bad? I never do anything right.

The thoughts kept coming. I got up and looked out the window and was met with darkness. I could see only the blue light from my neighbor’s computer through their living room window. I closed the shade and went back to bed.

Covers on, covers off. Covers on.

When is she going to know? How long do I have? Maybe I should just tell her. Everybody is going to hate me. 

I pulled the covers back off and sat up, letting my feet dangle over the side of the bed for a moment before swinging them onto the floor.

As I maneuvered my way in the darkness over piles of clothes and books, I pulled the back of my T-shirt down to cover my backside. My bedroom door didn’t make a sound as it opened and I took a sharp right into the room right beside it, pushing open that door with a hesitant hand.

I crept alongside the bed in this room and snuck around to the side closest to the window. I touched her cheek.

“What is it, Katie?” she asked, almost as if she anticipated my visit.

“I colored on Sister’s doll and hid it underneath her bed,” I whispered.

“It’s okay,” she sighed. She stroked my hair. “We can talk about it in the morning.”

I hugged her quickly and with a burst of relief I scurried back around the bed, through her door and into my own bedroom, diving back under the covers, finally able to sleep.

I wish the story ended there, but my poor mother was awakened countless times with my late night confessions and even now my head is working all night.

Is he mad at me? What time do I have to be up in the morning? I can’t remember which meeting is first tomorrow. Did I call my mom back?

“Did you want to go out to dinner or stay in tomorrow night?” I ask.

“Katie, let your brain relax- it’s after midnight,” he responds half asleep.

“I didn’t realize I said that out loud,” I reply.

He lays his hand on my head like he can will the thoughts from spinning. It works. I cuddle deep into the covers, put my head on his shoulder and allow myself to sleep.

One more night down.


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